Million Dollar Christmas Dress

We had a trip to London in November to select our Christmas outfits and while there we had our very first visit to the Vivien of Holloway shop. I knew their clothes were going to be gorgeous from looking on their website but they are even more amazing when you get to see them in real life!

I knew I wanted a flared dress for maximum twirl effect and for me that meant the Grace dress. I was trying to get away from my favourite colour (red) and did try on some other colours, but as soon as I put the Grace Red Duchess dress on I was in love!

Red Grace Dress from Vivien of Holloway

What is not to love about this dress? The bust section is so flattering! Being a 32FF I sometimes feel a bit too exposed in some necklines, but not in this dress. It covered and flattered my bust rather than drawing attention to it. The cut of the waist and the full circle skirt also complemented my shape and made my waist seem smaller and most importantly the dress is made for twirling, with the skirt going almost horizontal!

Vivien of Holloway do traditional vintage sizing on their clothes, so it really is worth going in to try on to find your perfect size as, dependent on the material used, you may also need to adapt your size. I was a B38 W30 H42 in most of their dresses, but as the Grace dress I bought had less stretch in the material used I needed to go up to B40 W32 H44.

Dancing Day Red PetticoatI teamed it with a red Dancing Days 26 inch petticoat from Banned Apparel which was the perfect shade and length to match the dress (also bought from Vivien of Holloway). I had wanted to match rather than have a contrasting colour as that then meant I was not so restricted on the shoes I could wear. I also felt it added a more sophisticated look to the outfit, which was what I was going for.

Simone Shoes in Rose Gold from Miss L Fire

For shoes I chose the Simone rose gold shoes from Miss L Fire. These gorgeous strappy shoes have extra padding in them, which means as well as being super glam they are also very comfortable to dance in!

whatkatydidtightsTo complete the outfit I wore red seamed tights from What Katie Did (the perfect red to match the dress); an original 1950s synthetic pearl necklace bought from the Oakham Vintage Market; pearl and gold earrings and matching ring, which were my Mum’s that she kindly gave to me a few Christmases back; and finally a pearl clutch bag bought from Coast some years ago.

This was my outfit for my work’s Christmas party and for Christmas day. I felt so good wearing it and had so many people (even people I didn’t know) come up and say what an amazing dress it was, which is new for me – I’m not used to that kind of attention at all!

When I collected my dress from the dry cleaner, the gentleman there called it the ‘million dollar dress’ and he is not wrong – that is exactly how you feel when you wear it!

We have another trip to London planned in February and will be returning to Vivien of Holloway again – this time for an outfit to wear to a colleague’s wedding. I cannot wait! Watch this space for what we end up with!

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