Great Gatsby Themed Party

Over the festive break Siobhan attended a Great Gatsby themed party hosted by some friends. It was the perfect theme to celebrate moving into the 20s once again and was amazing to see so many people all dressed in 1920s style. There were lots of gangsters among the men, while the majority of the women favoured fringed sequin dresses reminiscent of the flapper style from bygone eras.

Champagne, served in traditional styled champagne saucers, flowed all evening (after all we had all stepped back in time to the roaring twenties!), and canapes were in abundance. With the perfect setting of the hosts home, which is from the turn of the last century and which they have lovingly restored to its former glory, it was very easy to imagine you were in a different time completely! The Charleston was attempted by some (Siobhan included) and added to a fun filled evening.

The nicest thing by far was seeing that absolutely everyone had made an effort to stick to the theme and it really made the whole event very special. It was wonderful to see everyone looking so smart, and more than one person commented on feeling a little nostalgic for a time when dressing smartly was the norm! It has also opened our eyes to moving out of our preferred 1930s/1940s style on occasion and trying authentic 1920s style (as opposed to dress up costumes from Amazon!). After all, we are in the 20s decade again so why not!

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