Hello, 2018!

Happy Fabulous New Year!Tonight we welcomed 2018 in the only way we know how… with cocktails!!

We enjoyed our favourite French 75, of course, but also classic martinis, champagne and the fabulous pre-mixed Negroni by Sacred – deeeee-licious!

We wish you all a fabulous New Year, may all you hope for come true and your wishes and dreams move along with a cocktail or two đŸ˜‰


Our Classic New Year Martini
3oz gin (we’ve had Sacred and Martin Miller’s tonight)
0.5oz dry vermouth (we like Sacred’s Extra Dry or Regal Rogue’s Daring Dry, so we sometimes increase this to 1oz if the gin can take it!)
dash of orange bitters (The Bitter Truth do great bitters)

In a shaker of ice, STIR the gin and vermouth together, then add the orange bitters for a final swirl.  Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with an olive or a lemon twist.


Related links:

  • Sacred Spirits – micro-distillery offering fabulous gins and vodkas, we were first introduced to Sacred by Bat & Bottle Wine Merchants, who are local to us in Rutland and stock the gin, vodka, vermouth and Negroni.
  • Martin Miller’s – always a favourite, and not just because Lisa loves Iceland!
  • Regal Rogue – we have to be honest, we love the labelling! But these are lovely vermouths with or without the label, Daring Dry is always in our cabinet.
  • The Bitter Truth – brilliant range of bitters that’ll give you great alternatives to the usual Angostura. Orange is our favourite, but we also love the Celery and Creole bitter, too.

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