Cherry Flamingo Birthday Cocktail

Birthdays mean cocktails in my house!  While I usually stick to the classics at home, being 40 (eeek!) meant I received lots of lovely alcoholic gifts, so I felt a few experiments were in order…

There were many experiments 😉

Cherry Flamingo CocktailThis one was my favourite of the night (ok, day and night!)… based on a Champagne Flamingo and a classic Flamingo, but I had no Apricot Brandy – I did have Cherry Brandy, so here’s my ‘Cherry Flamingo’!

You’ll need:
Maraschino Cherries in Syrup – Luxardo are the ultimate!
Gin – I used Silent Pool)
Cherry Brandy – lots of fabulous cherry brandies around at the moment, I had Bols in the cupboard
Champagne – I was given a couple of bottle for my birthday, I used Taittinger this time

Into a champagne flute, drop a Maraschino cherry and a teaspoon of the the syrup.  Add 30ml of gin, 15ml of cherry brandy, then top up with champagne.  Garnish with another couple of Maraschino cherries on a flamingo cocktail stick!

Picture shows my Cherry Flamingo cocktail, flowers from Waitrose and a Flamingo Candles scented candle.

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