Supporting our Local Foodbank

For a long time we have wanted to find a local charity we can support and raise awareness for – and at last we have decided!

Every month we are going to go shopping for our local foodbank – Rutland Foodbank – we love food (hate grocery shopping!), but we’re very aware that some people and their families are struggling to pay essential bills and often go without food as they cannot find enough money for day-to-day groceries, let alone the luxuries that we are able to enjoy.

With our interest in history and knowledge of days of rationing and hardship during the war years, we were surprised – no, shocked – to learn of families in our own area not having vital supplies and essentials that we very much take for granted.

We also realised that we often passed by the foodbank requests while shopping as they are often on the way out of supermarkets and that “I’ll remember for next time” never came.

Each month (from August 2018) we will be making a personal donation and will be making a dedicated shopping trip for the Rutland Foodbank – by checking the list on the foodbank website we will select the items that are most needed at the time we shop.

The Rutland Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust – find your local foodbank – this means that if our local foodbank has too many items, they will be distributed further afield, ensuring no donations go to waste.

If you’d like to donate to our shopping trips for the foodbank, please get in touch – all donations sent via French 75 will be spent shopping for Rutland Foodbank.  Alternatively you can support Rutland Foodbank directly – please visit

If you need help from a foodbank in the UK you will need a voucher from a ‘referral agency’ – this could be a GP, health visitor, social worker or Citizens’ Advice – find out more at the Trussell Trust – the process is very discreet and they provide 3-day emergency food parcels.

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