Christmas Shopping for the Foodbank

Today we went shopping for our monthly donation to the Rutland Foodbank… 

A trolley-full for Rutland Foodbank!

We had generous donations from family and friends, meaning we could buy everything from the list of items that they were short of, from coffee, sugar, packet mash and tinned ham to toilet rolls, razors and tampons.  Bags for Life are welcomed also and Tesco had some good ones on sale this time!

We always drop-off at All Saints Church, where there is always a box to leave your donations – it’s behind the lovely big Christmas tree at the moment!  You’ll also find donation bins and trolleys at most supermarkets, so we urge everyone to add just a couple of items to their weekly shop and leave your donation at the shop.

You get a chance to gaze at the pretty Christmas tree when you drop-off at All Saints Church in Oakham – the foodbank box is just behind it.

You can find your local foodbank through the Trussell Trust website: and it’ll give you details of where to drop off donations as well as items that are most needed.

The website will also help you if you need to get help, with information about how to get a voucher and what sort of items you can receive – it’s not just food, they can also help you with practical goods such as sanitary products, shampoo, razors, nappies and even your energy bills.

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