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Nestled in the little yard off Church Street in Oakham is ‘Orbis’ – a new food and drink venue offering delicious small plates, a good selection of world wines and a carefully curated cocktail list, not to mention excellent fresh coffee!

We have been following the Orbis team’s progress with excitement following their successful pre-Christmas winter pop-up ‘Apres-Bar’, so we were delighted to be invited to a preview evening to sample the food and cocktails last night – Orbis officially opened today (Saturday 25 January 2020) at 11am with its ‘Grand Awakening’.

The name and branding surprised us – as IT business is our day job it reminded us of finance or wealth management! But as the Orbis team started to share snippets of their creation in recent weeks, we realised the name sums up the bar very well – from its menus that are influenced by food and drink around the world, to its sharing plates and local produce to share with your circle of friends.

The venue is comfortable, cosy and welcoming at night – low-light and candlelit, it is a lovely unimposing atmosphere and you can easily lose track of time! We felt its style is unique for Oakham – modern with vintage and rustic accents add to its charm and understated elegance, which suits us cocktail-loving vintage girls very well!

What we ate…

Chilli and Lime Popcorn was served straight away – a huge tasty bowl of popcorn dusted with chilli and with a squeeze of fresh lime.

The Black Pudding and Duck Scotch Egg had been teasing us all day, as Orbis posted photos on Instagram earlier in the day – it didn’t disappoint! This was Lisa’s favourite dish of the night.

Goat Cheese and Chilli Arancini were a lovely – a great hit of goat cheese, which we both love, worked so well with the warmth of chilli. They were cooked to perfection and served so elegantly.

Next up were Aromatic Shredded Duck Pancakes with Hoisin Dip – fabulous! So tasty, generously filled and the duck was lovely – Siobhan’s favourite dish of the night.

For the final dish we had to get brave as we don’t usually do food with eyes! 😂 But the Devilled Crispy Whitebait with Tartare Sauce was truly delicious!

Sweet little blondies followed the savoury dishes, which rounded off the meal very well.

What we drank…

Cocktails of course!!! The drinks menu has been well-designed – plenty of choice, but not overwhelming.

The fabulous cocktail menus include classic, world and novel sweet shop cocktails and mocktails, with careful thought given to glassware and garnishes for serving – we love the metal straws, too!

The French Martini from the Classic Cocktail menu was the perfect serve, and The Rutland Garden, made with Brentingby Gin, was very refreshing – if you like to play it safe with your cocktails, the classics will win you over!

We toyed with the World Cocktails in our minds, but decided to jump into the Sweet Shop Cocktails – we were curious as all too often cocktails that are based on old-fashioned sweets can be too sweet and sickly.

The Parma Violet is fantastic – the balance of flavours from the Whitley Neill Parma Violet gin and Sharish Blue Magic are brilliant and we thoroughly recommend this if you love violet flavours as we do.

The Drumstick Lolly was great – again we expected something sugary, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet at all – the balance of flavours we all recognise from a Drumstick, but grown-up!

Lisa finished with another from the Sweet Shop menu – Poppin’ Candyfloss – she can’t resist pink! It was a fun treat as the candyfloss arrives prettily presented in the cocktail glass, into which you pour on the cocktail – lovely 😊

Siobhan’s Espressotini was another classic – delicously made with fresh Espresso (Orbis have carefully considered their coffee, too!) and Chase vodka – the perfect after dinner cocktail.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, there are white, red, rosé and sparkling wines from Sauvignon Blanc to Viognier, Merlot to Pinot Noir, and Bottega Prosecco to our favourite treat of Veuve Clicquot champagne. Plus specialty gins, vodkas, whiskies and beers.

Thank you to the Orbis Team!

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Orbis – all the staff were so lovely and friendly. The food is great, the cocktails fabulous and we look forward to spending more time here for lunch as well as evening cocktails.

Find more photos of our night at Orbis on Facebook: French 75 at Orbis

Find out more and follow Orbis online at:
www.orbisoakham.co.uk | 4 Church Street, Oakham LE15 6AA
Orbis on Facebook | Orbis on Instagram | Orbis on Twitter

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